Confession (entry 2) – Eyes

Santa Monica, CA 2012 – Skating : Christian Ravenscroft
Raton, NM 2018 – Hanging out with the kids
Mesa Verde, CO 2018 – Visiting Old Homes
Dana Point, CA 2015 – Depressed Lunch Break
Joshua Tree, CA 2015 – Rock and Lace
Joshua Tree, CA 2015 – Hot Door Hot Plate

Confession (entry 1) – PREMISE

The mind is a labyrinth I’m coming see, wanting to lead me into halls of reality, wanted or unwanted.

I cant say, “I know what this living is all about”, or that “My plans and goals are the driving satisfaction of my existence.” I fear the people most that claim accolades like this.

I can say that I know for certain the size of myself at times, when the story of my self hasn’t disproportion’d me. The world we share, earth, is so very large and it floats out in something much larger. Our scientist can shore this up.

My actual reality, to me, for we all share a different experience making up, from what I can guess, our own reality; is the time line of events that my body has walked through… which I’d have to assume I was lead to by my “spirit, universal charge, elector pattern”, whatever we are calling it now.

What I’ve found to be funny is the story itself. My story about certain times of my life change. If you asked me about my current events 10 years ago, I’m sure the report is different today. The pain, happiness, whatever it was means something different to me…. the event itself may even be completely different. Is that because of the new meaning? Who the fuck knows, but its real, isn’t it? It happens, if you really stand naked to the core, no things, items, purchases, modern valuables and distractions, and get down to your truth of you… this shit happens all the time, and its not a BAD THING. Well I think its a good thing. Isn’t that sovereignty? Free will of choice, the ability to change the mind according to experience of reality lived through, lead to these corners of time, by the heart?

I mean good or bad times, people, whatever, the want has lead us there. I like to think of the want to be the heart, cause we have all said… man, woman, follow the heart. The mind is just the joystick, where I live inside this skin.

So all I can do is confess what I have done. Confess the good and the bad. Confess has been shadow’d with the colors of religion. But its the best word I have found so far in this English language that pairs up so far with the simple fact to me, that aren’t we all just reporting our facts, and perceived meaning of the time, confessing what we have done and found to one another. And even when we are trying to project a perception or share our own to another, the other has their own or adds and complies and perceives to a great over all? Shit, maybe we are all just eyes of a planet, a consciousnesses of a greater universal individual.

So here are my confessions… think what you want with them, one new life and a new set of eyes to see through. Another heart and mind to feel with. Good luck to all of us, and see you all in one life or another.

Black Rose World Class Tattooers – Tuscon, AZ

Your friends and family are truly the people you end up choosing to spend your time in this life with. And time is the one of those things you don’t get back, so spend it well…. Same with your skin and tattoos. So I encourage you to make friend and family of your skin artist, and the family at Black Rose World Class Tattooers, Tuscon, AZ have done that for me, and quite a lot of other folks.

Located in historical downtown Tuscon, the neighbor is fun. Good food and grocery co-op across the street, for breaks during a tattoo session. It’s an inviting vibe from car door to the chair.

I actually found the spot through Kal James Morrison, who now tattoos in Hollywood, CA. I hadn’t known he had tattoo’d at Black Rose for a while before we both apparently swapped, him to CA and me to AZ.

During my first session with Kal (as returning guest artist) I met Harry. Harry is a resident artist, and he has since become my monthly to bi-weekly tattoo’r and good friend. Him and Theo actually are the ones who dragged me off to Bisbee for the Howl n’ Prowl.

Everyone there is extremely talented, and the ego meter and asshole ambiance is non existent. You pretty much can’t go wrong with whom ever you pick to partner up with, and they are always game for a good “pass around” and even a double session. Yep, Kal and Harry tag teamed me, and they both where so gentle and attentive to their work.

I have put the link up above to their website, and the Artist profile will give you a listing of all the artist and contact info.

I have sincere gratitude for all the art that has been placed on my body, and the family in Tuscon I have come to know as well.

Sitting in chair for hours, having ink packed into your skin while Molly and Theo exchange life philosophy explained through dirty jokes is by far one of the best ways a human could spend a Saturday.

Molly is in high demand, so make your appointments. Her art is next level, and she is a siren for every tattoo gentleman that inquires about art work and available sessions. I’ve watched her draw for hours, working on some of here geo-patterns, she has craft and quality down… and watch her charm, it will linger.

Theo is a hell of a piercing artist and jewelry maker. Its hard to find a quality jewelry maker that can fit your skin with premium metals, gems, and minerals. I respect his eye for color and placement…. and he has sweet chickens and a “tiny hand” video collection online that is a must watch!

Danny and “Filthy” Phil have strong solid hands as well, haven’t’ had the chance to sit with them, but everything I have seen from their hands are beautiful, and clean.

(Danny, couldn’t find your instgram dude!) – hit me up and I’ll plug it in!

Harry is my artist, his art and attitude is a reflection of this mans spirit. Happy to say I now have 5 good size pieces of his art on my body, and have a monthly appointment I have been keeping to, until we run out of body to draw on.

The conversations in the chair  have been good to. I ended up ripping through 2 books, subscribing to two new pod casts and planning a few trips to the surrounding Pueblo Ancestor runes on my bike as a result of our talks.

And if you meet Mac, consider your self to be lucky! Mac has been apart of the is parlor for decades, his history and talent has guided the hands of a lot of our areas artists and the group at the Black Rose currently. I hope to get a chance to get a buzzer from him in the near future.

Go get a tattoo at Black Rose

Not a shitty tat, brooo…. some where else.

Born Free 10 – Part 1 of ????

Alright folk, Born Free 10 !

Its a small delay, I know, and I owe you all the Part 2 “Show Class Parking Lot” as well. I do however have a excuse. Had to visit JP Rodman up in Raton, NM for the Run to Raton (Insane, must go, lifer, and the best rides ever!!!). Stay tuned up and in for that as well.


It’s a trip to think we been lurking around in the that canyon in Irvine, CA for decade now, but it’s true… 10 years burnt up quicker than a wood pallet at a bond fire. And as years before, and I’m sure years to come, the builders, bikes, music, food, beer titties and all the folks that have a hand in what is the Born Free Experience will keep this smoking hot fire rolling.

Alot of action and alot of bikes…. Going to just give you folks what you desire here. The bikes, the names of as many builders and their links. Continue to follow these links, check their shit out, and support our legends, and make friends with your heroes. If you aint shoring us up, you are tearing us down. IF THE SHIT IS UNDERLINED, CLICK IT !!!



Doug and Kelly probe the next level of insane style!!!




Ivan’s pointed horned devil from the south!!



A royal hot need for speed, with a cool menthol checker flag finish!!!!



Beatles where not as cool as this UK import!

Ok… I have a lot of others be to highlight and show, so please hit me up and give me shit if you haven’t seen Part 2 of both Born Free 10 and Show Class parking lot go up this week.

Its summer, so if you aren’t out riding, skating, camping and living it up …. then get on it!!!! Live now and die later folks, keep the good times rollin out there!!


Show Class Magazine “Peoples Champ 2018” Builders Part 1

Show Class Magazine “Peoples Champ 2018” Builders Part 1


First off I want to thank Show Class Magazine , Justin and Meredith who have been making this happen for a few years now over at Cook Corner.

The scene as usual was everything you would hope for out a Show Class Chopper party. Its tucked away on the back side of the grid at Cooks Corner biker watering hole, in your classic California canyon. The builders invite and a chance for a whole shot into the Born Free builders show that weekend always makes for incredible builds and a raging party. The parking lot boasts a highly stocked chopper show itself. I will follow up with Part 2 of this post in a few days just of parking lot photos.

I have tried my best to list and link the names of the builders and bikes below. I’m kinda of a lurker and just try to the play the part of the floating head and soak up the sites. I do my part to archive our family and their creations and stories, so excuse me if I’m not always spot on with the “who’s and where’s”


Thomas Minor – @chronas



Lee Wiedrich – @leewie


Josh Sheehan – @dirtybiker  !!!WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!




Curt Bennett – @4th_floor_choppers



Shamus Mathers – @shamusss 


Jeff Bloedorn – @sweatshopind 

Stay tuned for Part 2 and the scene out at the shakedown street parking lot.

Remember to support your friends and heroes, so hit the links, buy some parts, start a build or at the least give them a like.

I wanted to mention, a few years back Louie Hartley and the Deathgrip family show’d a bike at the Show Class Peoples Champs. Great family and in-creditable builders. We lost Norm to a battle with cancer, and he will be missed. Thank you Norm for your inspiration and life. RIP



Howl n Prowl 2018

Hands down, best experience I’ve hand since I moved out to the southwest.

Before I start my ramblings, I would like to thank “Sonoita” Sam @oldshitrules , as well as Tiny Romero @backshed_specials

This event, the grass roots “ride to show” set up, with the back drop of one of the most historical towns I have ever wondered into, made not only for one of the best events I’ve been to, but this crazy mixture of wide west, chopper, time travel.

I was up at 4am on May 26th, met up with Taco and a few friends I have met through the Haifley Brothers garage. My girl and I had to be down in Tuscon by 8am to meet up with the B.P. Psycho family and other friends, so we split ways on the way down. I mention all this now, cause I did see and click a few shots of the bikes, but was so cross eyed by the end of the day, I didn’t have it in me to chat some the owners up. So if you know someone or if this is your bike, let me know if you would like your name up on the internet lights, and I’ll make sure to make it happen.

The music, the bike showing, the people, was all authentic. Real folks, from real small towns, for a passion for the not so common, and original spirit of the american motorcycle and chopper. A family road in the from  Taos, New Mexico, the band and B.P. Psycho family road in from Oakland, CA. Rigid tail, knuckles, pans, sporty’s, rusty, candy flake, and king and queen tuc n’ roll, they all show’d up, and the sense of family prevailed.

This knuckle below I believe belongs to Bret. When we rolled into the hwy T at Sonoita, AZ for gas, a few of the crew from Tuscon I had just met link up with him. Leaving the Shell Station, we at that point where 25 deep, with two cars and a van with Chris Hall @damnmyeyes and his wife. (check out his music-great artist). The views and climate is amazing down south. This was my first time south of Tuscon, and I couldn’t believe how much beauty there is in this country side.

Well a ways in about 20 miles from Tombstone, what looks like a drunk June bug comes bouncing down the hwy, down the middle of the pack of us. Turns out, a mile later that was the rocker stud (3″ long and 7/16″dia. A GOD DAMN MISSILE) had come out. We got to the side of the road, one the boys King Danny Big Love went back on the road, and “NO SHIT!!!”  he found the stud, pulled a fine threaded acorn nut of the light mount and we where back on the road in 20 minutes!!!!


This little metric beauty below is something else!

Apparently this was purchased 30 years ago. Its a survivor from the 70’s and hasn’t had any changes to it since!! Its been completely loved and maintained… and it has kept its luster not from lack of riding either. Its a 281 mile run down from Payson, AZ off the ridge to Bisbee, AZ and that is not the only riding that takes place on this bike!

Original helmets, motor all of it, down to the Mary Jane leaf tank!

More scenes from the city park.


Below is this years winner – Dennis Johnson

Not only did he take home, (what I have come to find out to be a AZ treasure),the bright orange Howl n’ Prowl helmet, which comes back every year. But word is that this cat will jam out near 1000 miles a month on this Knuckle Head, and has been keeping that pace for quite awhile now.

Simple, sturdy, narrow, and ridden… For me, this bike was comparable to a silver mine, the owner knows he has something special, he works her everyday, and the more he rides and works the more she pays out, ride after ride.

If you missed it this year, make sure you plan for next year.  The town of Bisbee, AZ and its surrounding areas, is some of the finest country our southwestern United States can offer. The people that put together and attend this event are some of the best people you could ever wish to meet in a lifetime, and you get to ride, and bull shit about bikes with them!!

Choppers, the West, Families and Babies, all make for GOOD GOOD TIMES!!!

Thank you Sam and Tiny!

PS – there are links within this article, please make sure to check them out, and support your heroes and friends… and OLD SHIT RULES!!!!

HWY LA Chase Stopnik

If you get a chance to chase down Chase Stopnik, one sure spot to catch him is down off the Sunset Strip right before you hit DTLA. The ride up Sunset off the coast is fun, and right before you hit the heart of LA and the old buildings and theaters that gave the Lost Angle her wings, you will want to stop at HWY LA and give Chase a hello. ( 1286 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 ).

If he’s not at the counter, ( like in the photo above )  he’s right behind it, tinkering with his legendary pieces of American motorcycle history.  ( Devils Rickshaw below, prior to the Mama’s Tried show ).

This place is a jewel, and your host is the finest specimen of manhood, and mile munching grease monkey could want to meet.

There are piece’s of American petrol head history all over this place, and available for sale and take home. Parts, tanks, tins, ironical clothing ( actual period vintage clothing ). You literally cannot turn around any direction without something catching your eye, daring you to break the bank, and it’s all totally worth it! The place is oozing with nostalgia, and character.

He’s also been a strong contributor and part of the Paradise Road Show, another must do while in or planning a CA run. ( As seen in earlier posts )

Chase is currently working on Born Free 10, Builders Invite Bike. I hope to get a chance to chat him up when I get back to CA for the show in June.

If you are planning to go out for the show this summer, you should definitely try to get out a little earlier and stop by the shop.


Continue to Support our Culture… Shop from your friends and heroes.



There is also a famous handrail that Jaime Foy of Deathwish Skateboards just recently destroyed just a building down.

Small Collection of Random Photos

Well I have been super busy, with the new sporty I picked up not to long ago. Haven’t really had the chance get out there and get photos, and when I have had a chance to get out and about, I kinda just have wanted to scope things out and take it easy.

So what I have for you is a group of pictures that always get me stoked, and keep the juices following. Some of these are my photos, others are ones I have found along the way. If you see that one of these photos is yours, please let me know and I will edit this post and make sure you get the credit and a link.

21 Days Parking Lot Party, DTLA, Ace Hotel 2016 – by ASE BLACK – bike UNKNOWN

21 Days Out Front, DTLA, Ace Hotel 2016 -by ASE BLACK -bikes UNKNOWN

This Movie 21Days Under the Sky and the premier they had at the Ace Hotel, was in-creditable. If you get in that place in your life, when it seems hunting down the dream is to far away, or you feel like you may be at the point of “settling” for anything less than what you have been searching for or chasing down, this  is good time to give this film a view. It has recharged me many times, and is a constant reminder that holey jeans are a much better and an earned fit, than pleated slacks.

Something to Ride Home to and Ride  – by UNKNOWN

Austin TX Nights    -by UNKNOWN





Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

Had a chance to get close to this bike at Cook’s Corner at last year’s “Peoples Champ”, put on by Show Class Magazine.

Louie was great, had a chat, and was really happy to be there. I’d be as happy as a pig in shit too if I had such an incredible bike.

It was super busy in the show circle when i got there after my work at the local OCHD, so I wasn’t able to get to many steps backwards from the bike to get a full shot glance at this long bike. So I asked Louie if I could get in close for a few shots of the detailed work, and craftsmanship that went into this purple people eater.

It’s really cool that Show Class puts on an event like this.  You get a chance to meet some of the builders you follow, and swap ideas.

When you get to have a face to face with a builder like Louie, see the event around you, it keeps shit real, obtainable, and reminds you that it’s “happening”.

Deathgrip makes some quality bends, and bars as well as attachments/risers. You’ll see they do a hell of a build as well.

Thank you Deathgrip & Show Class.

Save cash for parts & gas!


Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

or IG @louiedeathgrip

-Show Class Magazine

or IG @show_class_mag


Photos & Words by;



Paradise Road Show 2017, Pistons and Palm Trees

Paradise Road Show was an unexpected treat for me this year.

I had happened to be cruising around LA, taking photos of Leather Doll, when I glanced at my phone and saw the wood stamped vintage shirt Chase of HWY  had made… and wanted it.

After we went by his shop in Echo Park, and saw the note on the door… off we went to Palm Springs for what turned out to be the funnest trip of 2017 thus far.

Seeing that it was last minute, and we had missed a day, I didn’t really get a chance to chat all the owners and riders up, but I was able to snap a few shots of my favorites, and see a few folks I hadn’t got a chance to catch up with in a while.

If I have have messed up the names of the bikes, please feel free to comment below, and I will fix that. Also if you happen to see your bike and would like the photo from Aseblack, please let us know, and I’ll get it over to you.

Lean & Green



Mixed Heads

I really appreciated the grit of this scooter. And from what I collected, except for the vendors, the majority of the bikes were ridden there. I love that.


Cycle Zombies – Chrome Pan

I had a chat with Scotty of Cycle Zombies. It was good to hear the words, “if it’s not fun it’s not usually worth doing”, and “we should remember, we got stoked with this cause it made us feel fun and free”.

After he gave me a few tips with an “at Home Build” I will be embarking on soon, we moved our way over to the car show.

I don’t want to try to cram this whole day into one post, so please stay posted this week for the remaining bikes and car show, as well as the “Winter Stash Series #3”.

Gas and parts…save up, and stay stoked.