Black Rose World Class Tattooers – Tuscon, AZ

Your friends and family are truly the people you end up choosing to spend your time in this life with. And time is the one of those things you don’t get back, so spend it well…. Same with your skin and tattoos. So I encourage you to make friend and family of your skin artist, and the family at Black Rose World Class Tattooers, Tuscon, AZ have done that for me, and quite a lot of other folks.

Located in historical downtown Tuscon, the neighbor is fun. Good food and grocery co-op across the street, for breaks during a tattoo session. It’s an inviting vibe from car door to the chair.

I actually found the spot through Kal James Morrison, who now tattoos in Hollywood, CA. I hadn’t known he had tattoo’d at Black Rose for a while before we both apparently swapped, him to CA and me to AZ.

During my first session with Kal (as returning guest artist) I met Harry. Harry is a resident artist, and he has since become my monthly to bi-weekly tattoo’r and good friend. Him and Theo actually are the ones who dragged me off to Bisbee for the Howl n’ Prowl.

Everyone there is extremely talented, and the ego meter and asshole ambiance is non existent. You pretty much can’t go wrong with whom ever you pick to partner up with, and they are always game for a good “pass around” and even a double session. Yep, Kal and Harry tag teamed me, and they both where so gentle and attentive to their work.

I have put the link up above to their website, and the Artist profile will give you a listing of all the artist and contact info.

I have sincere gratitude for all the art that has been placed on my body, and the family in Tuscon I have come to know as well.

Sitting in chair for hours, having ink packed into your skin while Molly and Theo exchange life philosophy explained through dirty jokes is by far one of the best ways a human could spend a Saturday.

Molly is in high demand, so make your appointments. Her art is next level, and she is a siren for every tattoo gentleman that inquires about art work and available sessions. I’ve watched her draw for hours, working on some of here geo-patterns, she has craft and quality down… and watch her charm, it will linger.

Theo is a hell of a piercing artist and jewelry maker. Its hard to find a quality jewelry maker that can fit your skin with premium metals, gems, and minerals. I respect his eye for color and placement…. and he has sweet chickens and a “tiny hand” video collection online that is a must watch!

Danny and “Filthy” Phil have strong solid hands as well, haven’t’ had the chance to sit with them, but everything I have seen from their hands are beautiful, and clean.

(Danny, couldn’t find your instgram dude!) – hit me up and I’ll plug it in!

Harry is my artist, his art and attitude is a reflection of this mans spirit. Happy to say I now have 5 good size pieces of his art on my body, and have a monthly appointment I have been keeping to, until we run out of body to draw on.

The conversations in the chair  have been good to. I ended up ripping through 2 books, subscribing to two new pod casts and planning a few trips to the surrounding Pueblo Ancestor runes on my bike as a result of our talks.

And if you meet Mac, consider your self to be lucky! Mac has been apart of the is parlor for decades, his history and talent has guided the hands of a lot of our areas artists and the group at the Black Rose currently. I hope to get a chance to get a buzzer from him in the near future.

Go get a tattoo at Black Rose

Not a shitty tat, brooo…. some where else.

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