Born Free 10 – Part 1 of ????

Alright folk, Born Free 10 !

Its a small delay, I know, and I owe you all the Part 2 “Show Class Parking Lot” as well. I do however have a excuse. Had to visit JP Rodman up in Raton, NM for the Run to Raton (Insane, must go, lifer, and the best rides ever!!!). Stay tuned up and in for that as well.


It’s a trip to think we been lurking around in the that canyon in Irvine, CA for decade now, but it’s true… 10 years burnt up quicker than a wood pallet at a bond fire. And as years before, and I’m sure years to come, the builders, bikes, music, food, beer titties and all the folks that have a hand in what is the Born Free Experience will keep this smoking hot fire rolling.

Alot of action and alot of bikes…. Going to just give you folks what you desire here. The bikes, the names of as many builders and their links. Continue to follow these links, check their shit out, and support our legends, and make friends with your heroes. If you aint shoring us up, you are tearing us down. IF THE SHIT IS UNDERLINED, CLICK IT !!!



Doug and Kelly probe the next level of insane style!!!




Ivan’s pointed horned devil from the south!!



A royal hot need for speed, with a cool menthol checker flag finish!!!!



Beatles where not as cool as this UK import!

Ok… I have a lot of others be to highlight and show, so please hit me up and give me shit if you haven’t seen Part 2 of both Born Free 10 and Show Class parking lot go up this week.

Its summer, so if you aren’t out riding, skating, camping and living it up …. then get on it!!!! Live now and die later folks, keep the good times rollin out there!!


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