Confession (entry 1) – PREMISE

The mind is a labyrinth I’m coming see, wanting to lead me into halls of reality, wanted or unwanted.

I cant say, “I know what this living is all about”, or that “My plans and goals are the driving satisfaction of my existence.” I fear the people most that claim accolades like this.

I can say that I know for certain the size of myself at times, when the story of my self hasn’t disproportion’d me. The world we share, earth, is so very large and it floats out in something much larger. Our scientist can shore this up.

My actual reality, to me, for we all share a different experience making up, from what I can guess, our own reality; is the time line of events that my body has walked through… which I’d have to assume I was lead to by my “spirit, universal charge, elector pattern”, whatever we are calling it now.

What I’ve found to be funny is the story itself. My story about certain times of my life change. If you asked me about my current events 10 years ago, I’m sure the report is different today. The pain, happiness, whatever it was means something different to me…. the event itself may even be completely different. Is that because of the new meaning? Who the fuck knows, but its real, isn’t it? It happens, if you really stand naked to the core, no things, items, purchases, modern valuables and distractions, and get down to your truth of you… this shit happens all the time, and its not a BAD THING. Well I think its a good thing. Isn’t that sovereignty? Free will of choice, the ability to change the mind according to experience of reality lived through, lead to these corners of time, by the heart?

I mean good or bad times, people, whatever, the want has lead us there. I like to think of the want to be the heart, cause we have all said… man, woman, follow the heart. The mind is just the joystick, where I live inside this skin.

So all I can do is confess what I have done. Confess the good and the bad. Confess has been shadow’d with the colors of religion. But its the best word I have found so far in this English language that pairs up so far with the simple fact to me, that aren’t we all just reporting our facts, and perceived meaning of the time, confessing what we have done and found to one another. And even when we are trying to project a perception or share our own to another, the other has their own or adds and complies and perceives to a great over all? Shit, maybe we are all just eyes of a planet, a consciousnesses of a greater universal individual.

So here are my confessions… think what you want with them, one new life and a new set of eyes to see through. Another heart and mind to feel with. Good luck to all of us, and see you all in one life or another.

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