Howl n Prowl 2018

Hands down, best experience I’ve hand since I moved out to the southwest.

Before I start my ramblings, I would like to thank “Sonoita” Sam @oldshitrules , as well as Tiny Romero @backshed_specials

This event, the grass roots “ride to show” set up, with the back drop of one of the most historical towns I have ever wondered into, made not only for one of the best events I’ve been to, but this crazy mixture of wide west, chopper, time travel.

I was up at 4am on May 26th, met up with Taco and a few friends I have met through the Haifley Brothers garage. My girl and I had to be down in Tuscon by 8am to meet up with the B.P. Psycho family and other friends, so we split ways on the way down. I mention all this now, cause I did see and click a few shots of the bikes, but was so cross eyed by the end of the day, I didn’t have it in me to chat some the owners up. So if you know someone or if this is your bike, let me know if you would like your name up on the internet lights, and I’ll make sure to make it happen.

The music, the bike showing, the people, was all authentic. Real folks, from real small towns, for a passion for the not so common, and original spirit of the american motorcycle and chopper. A family road in the from  Taos, New Mexico, the band and B.P. Psycho family road in from Oakland, CA. Rigid tail, knuckles, pans, sporty’s, rusty, candy flake, and king and queen tuc n’ roll, they all show’d up, and the sense of family prevailed.

This knuckle below I believe belongs to Bret. When we rolled into the hwy T at Sonoita, AZ for gas, a few of the crew from Tuscon I had just met link up with him. Leaving the Shell Station, we at that point where 25 deep, with two cars and a van with Chris Hall @damnmyeyes and his wife. (check out his music-great artist). The views and climate is amazing down south. This was my first time south of Tuscon, and I couldn’t believe how much beauty there is in this country side.

Well a ways in about 20 miles from Tombstone, what looks like a drunk June bug comes bouncing down the hwy, down the middle of the pack of us. Turns out, a mile later that was the rocker stud (3″ long and 7/16″dia. A GOD DAMN MISSILE) had come out. We got to the side of the road, one the boys King Danny Big Love went back on the road, and “NO SHIT!!!”  he found the stud, pulled a fine threaded acorn nut of the light mount and we where back on the road in 20 minutes!!!!


This little metric beauty below is something else!

Apparently this was purchased 30 years ago. Its a survivor from the 70’s and hasn’t had any changes to it since!! Its been completely loved and maintained… and it has kept its luster not from lack of riding either. Its a 281 mile run down from Payson, AZ off the ridge to Bisbee, AZ and that is not the only riding that takes place on this bike!

Original helmets, motor all of it, down to the Mary Jane leaf tank!

More scenes from the city park.


Below is this years winner – Dennis Johnson

Not only did he take home, (what I have come to find out to be a AZ treasure),the bright orange Howl n’ Prowl helmet, which comes back every year. But word is that this cat will jam out near 1000 miles a month on this Knuckle Head, and has been keeping that pace for quite awhile now.

Simple, sturdy, narrow, and ridden… For me, this bike was comparable to a silver mine, the owner knows he has something special, he works her everyday, and the more he rides and works the more she pays out, ride after ride.

If you missed it this year, make sure you plan for next year.  The town of Bisbee, AZ and its surrounding areas, is some of the finest country our southwestern United States can offer. The people that put together and attend this event are some of the best people you could ever wish to meet in a lifetime, and you get to ride, and bull shit about bikes with them!!

Choppers, the West, Families and Babies, all make for GOOD GOOD TIMES!!!

Thank you Sam and Tiny!

PS – there are links within this article, please make sure to check them out, and support your heroes and friends… and OLD SHIT RULES!!!!

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