HWY LA Chase Stopnik

If you get a chance to chase down Chase Stopnik, one sure spot to catch him is down off the Sunset Strip right before you hit DTLA. The ride up Sunset off the coast is fun, and right before you hit the heart of LA and the old buildings and theaters that gave the Lost Angle her wings, you will want to stop at HWY LA and give Chase a hello. ( 1286 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 ).

If he’s not at the counter, ( like in the photo above )  he’s right behind it, tinkering with his legendary pieces of American motorcycle history.  ( Devils Rickshaw below, prior to the Mama’s Tried show ).

This place is a jewel, and your host is the finest specimen of manhood, and mile munching grease monkey could want to meet.

There are piece’s of American petrol head history all over this place, and available for sale and take home. Parts, tanks, tins, ironical clothing ( actual period vintage clothing ). You literally cannot turn around any direction without something catching your eye, daring you to break the bank, and it’s all totally worth it! The place is oozing with nostalgia, and character.

He’s also been a strong contributor and part of the Paradise Road Show, another must do while in or planning a CA run. ( As seen in earlier posts )

Chase is currently working on Born Free 10, Builders Invite Bike. I hope to get a chance to chat him up when I get back to CA for the show in June.

If you are planning to go out for the show this summer, you should definitely try to get out a little earlier and stop by the shop.


Continue to Support our Culture… Shop from your friends and heroes.



There is also a famous handrail that Jaime Foy of Deathwish Skateboards just recently destroyed just a building down.

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