Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

Had a chance to get close to this bike at Cook’s Corner at last year’s “Peoples Champ”, put on by Show Class Magazine.

Louie was great, had a chat, and was really happy to be there. I’d be as happy as a pig in shit too if I had such an incredible bike.

It was super busy in the show circle when i got there after my work at the local OCHD, so I wasn’t able to get to many steps backwards from the bike to get a full shot glance at this long bike. So I asked Louie if I could get in close for a few shots of the detailed work, and craftsmanship that went into this purple people eater.

It’s really cool that Show Class puts on an event like this.  You get a chance to meet some of the builders you follow, and swap ideas.

When you get to have a face to face with a builder like Louie, see the event around you, it keeps shit real, obtainable, and reminds you that it’s “happening”.

Deathgrip makes some quality bends, and bars as well as attachments/risers. You’ll see they do a hell of a build as well.

Thank you Deathgrip & Show Class.

Save cash for parts & gas!


Louie Hartley and DEATHGRIP CUSTOM

or IG @louiedeathgrip

-Show Class Magazine

or IG @show_class_mag


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