Winter Stash 2 of ? – Matt Jackson “Texan” Pan Head

Well now that we are swollen with ham, liquor and turkey…. please do yourself a favor and put your feet back, recline and save cash for the the spring thaw.

If you haven’t blown the budget, sold the farm, or crapp’d the bed, we are hopping that this Winter Stash 2 Matt Jackson “Texan” Pan Head @mattjackson13 will freeze your wallet up, and increase the motivation to increase your Winter Stash for gas and parts.

Up swept fish tails and dipped in a blazing Texas gold this spring-er front end pan is the jewel of the Alamo. 

The builders are already at it for this 2017 Born Free 9.

Last years event, both camping and the lawn parking filled up quickly.. so make sure to follow all your builders and release dates online within our links.

Stay tuned, and we’ll see you soon.

Thank you Matt Jackson.

Save the cash for gas and parts!

Bike : Matt Jackson @mattjackson13

Photos & Words : Aseblack @ase_black_la

Winter Stash 1 of ? – Kiyo Misuhiro CB 750 “Double Trouble” or ” The Twins”

For all our friends out there residing in the northern hemisphere, 12/21 marks the winter solstice, and the beginning of winter. A few days after that is Christmas, Yul, Hanuka… etc.img_1682

At which time most of us are draining Jack & Cokes, Eggnog Rum, an the always special visit of the man with the bag, Crown Royal.

The Mid West & East becomes frozen, and the the West becomes a tragic holiday rush of crazies Mom’s and Grandmas on the road, hunting down deals and side sipping everyone they can for that special gift for little Jimmy.

So I’m here to remind you of the warm summer moments that passed, and the summer to come. I’m here to Scrooge you into being selfish, and hold back on presents, and save for new parts in the spring. To declare with the Xmas cocktail on your breath, ” I will not be swindled out of my long ride this summer Grampus, by your fat Merry sales man/front man, in his sweet red reindeer ride, and red velvet suit”!

So I give to you my “Winter Stash, 1 of ?”

1 features Kiyo Mitsuhiro’s twin motor CB750


Kiyo took Born Free 8 in a sweep at the builders invite showing. Stretching the mind and the frame of a scooter, and doing it all with incredible style, and amazing attention to detail.img_1684

His lines and overall draw of the eye really made me a lover of this 70’s space program piece.




Keep your money, buy parts and gas.

Thank you Kiyo.

Stay tuned for.

photos & words by : Ase Black


Vaguess “A Rock Band”


ASE: well you guys are a rock band? Who are you… Who are your band members and what do they play.

VINNY:  Hi, yes! We are a famous American rock band based out of CaLi called “VAGUESS”.  Band members include, but are not limited to: Amir on lead bass, and Brad on lead drums, and me on lead guitar and lead vocals.

ASE : What made you want to pursue music, why rock and roll?

VINNY: I wanted to pursue music because of Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’ hit single, “Smooth,” from 1999 (the golden age of rock).

ASE : what is in the future for Vaguess?

VINNY : I was planning on dying before I turned 28, like rock gods Kurt Cobain and Cindy Lauper.  I don’t have a plan B.  There will probably be a new record later this year or some other year in the future.

ASE : what is a Vaguess, exactly?

VINNY:  “VAGUESS” is French for “shitty band name”

ASE : are you recording with anyone? Who have you recorded with in the past?

VINNY: I recorded in November last year with Kyle Day at Grassy Null in Oakland for a new record.  Before that I just recorded myself via 4-track cassette recorder.

ASE : Where can we hear more of what you are making? Do you have any up coming shows or events?

VINNY : You can hear more at VAGUESS.BANDCAMP.COM.  We have a show Saturday June 4th at Church of Fun off Melrose at Madison in LA

ASE : What does your future look like in your head?

VINNY : Living in Hawaii and playing Jimi Buffet covers.


ASEBLACK & Jordan Stiff




So its been a minute since we sat down for a chat. Last time we talked you where dressed as a dog for Halloween in front of the old shop smoking a cigarette. How are things?



Haha ah man the old shop! Such good times there, hanging out, skating and smoking. I wore that dog costume everywhere for like a week after Halloween. Everything is going really well these days, a lot has definitely changed since then!

wateringlfowerswebsiteWaterin flowers by JS



Looks like you have moved to the east coast, how do you like it?



Yessir, I’m living in my studio in Philadelphia, Pa. It’s a DIY artist run collaborative space called Girard Hall. I love it. It’s a giant warehouse type building where we put on live music events and whatnot. I even get to curate art exhibits in our little gallery area. The winter sucks here but other than that I’m really happy to be where I am.



Catch us up?



Alright, so I was living on and off in Costa Mesa and “Around” for a couple of years and I decided it’d be a good idea to drive my car to California from PA and kind of live out of it. At the time I was applying to different art related jobs, exhibitions and residencies to just kind of see where I could fit in, from east to west coast. I made it to Boulder, Colorado and got an email letting me know I got accepted into a residency program at Goldilocks Gallery in Philadelphia. I guess I had a kind of like “well I can go back to California and work my shitty dishwashing job and live out of my car and skate and drink and just pretty much exist, happily” OR I could say “fuck it” to all of that and go to work on my dreams. Made it back to PA in like two days haha.


babyface by JS



What have you been doing with your art?


Jordan :

I’ve just been focusing a lot on honing my craft lately, networking a little, doing freelance work and hanging my work up in smaller venues. I’ve been apart of some cool things with friends that are artists in both Philly and New York.



What are your influences?


Jordan :

I got really into more simplistic works a couple years ago. Lately I’ve just been trying my best to “say the most” while “doing the least.” Like, taking design qualities from Minimalist painters like Frank Stella and Jo Baer and applying them to Figure Illustrations. I got really into the figure illustrations of Tom Slaughter too.  I live on a  block in Philadelphia with a lot of homeless people and users. Vomit everywhere, people passed out on the sidewalk or doing a certain kind of walk that’s synonymous with heroin use. It’s all kind of heavy to see everyday but  I try to incorporate that into my work too. My sordid vision of city living.


3dicks by JS


What media do you prefer, and why?


Jordan :

India Ink or Watercolor. I’m not big into color so regular ‘ol black Ink works just fine for me.



Where can we see more of your art? Do you have any exhibits coming up? Where are they? Can we obtain a piece?


Jordan :

I just made myself a website!! I also have an instagram that I try to keep updated. @J___S___ , it’s kind of tricky, three underscores after each letter.



Do you have any exhibits coming up? Where are they?


Jordan :

As of right now I’m working on a new body of work. I’m looking to do a solo show this year, that’s my big, big, goal. I’d like to hang some work outside of Philly or New York this year too, maybe make a run for California in the winter or something.




Can we obtain a piece?


Jordan :

Yeah, for sure! Anyone interested in a piece can send me an email, it’s listed on my website in the “contact” link.



What statement can you give us to remember you by?


Jordan :

haha, there’s one thing that comes to mind  that I can’t seem to live down. I drove to Alaska with a couple of friends, you know em, and got a concussion skating in Oregon so about three weeks of that trip are a blur but at some point along the way we woke up on the bank of a river or ocean with crystal water and mountains surrounding us, like the most stunning sight to wake up to, and I, in my concussed state just turned and said “I’m so sick of looking at all this beautiful shit.” then probably puked or something. It’s funny, the things that catch on. I can’t go anywhere that’s remotely scenic with friends without it being said at least twice.


eyese by JS



What does ASE mean to you?


Jordan :

I think ASE will always be A Skate Experience to me. I’m kind of sentimental like that.  All the homies I met when I first moved out west, the skate trips, the days spent at the shop, it was like my second home for a while. I still have an ASE has a Deathwish deck somewhere too. All good things to remember.


the end.

ASEBLACK – Helm Street


You should buy some rings, and when you do, give hand crafted Helm Street a try.

Addison and his crew have been at it with this project for sometime, and with great success. Crafting hand made American jewelry, with both the raw “built to last” style that never fades,  and the infusion of the urban Southern California  skateboarding lifestyle gives the line grit.

Classic American symbolism is engraved into the whole line, and you truly get to the imagery and feel of the artist and creator.


If  the budget can’t afford a $500.00 to $1500.00 stop at “The Great Frog” for 12oz’s of British Silver, you will have a fatter wallet, and be just as pleased when you look down at the throttle hand to see a Helm Street war chest displayed across your fingers.

Link provided above.






ASEBLACK – Volumes of Freedom Jesse Johnson Vol.1


Chasing deep tube rides and hot pussy on distant shores. Going in alone and coming out a changed man.

Taking work and settling in. creating a bit of space for friendships to grow and swells to pulse.

You’ll find such beautiful things . things you weren’t even looking for, mainly inside of yourself.

When you look back it will be the people you’ll meet while your out on the road that will bring these wild experiences to life and make all the risk and trouble and heartache pale in comparison to those rich feelings and vivid pleasures you’ll share .

I remember looking in the mirror thinking how my  beard makes me look homeless,  it was encrusted with pesto and salt  and all sorts of exotic juices. Its been a good day in this strange and far away land.

Looking out my window mesmerized by the moon, and tickled by the ocean breeze i start to burst out laughing, a minor fit of hysteria induced by the mad happenings all around me.

I  peered back  at myself and said  that is exactly what you are – homeless. Its so  fucking  beautiful the Freedom.

Waves, women, food, romance, adventure, solitude, culture. Love, the pure experience of bathing my senses in atmospheres unbeknownst  to my feet.

The faces and the laughter and the views and the teachers and students and the smells and the smiles and those fucking moments.

The ones that render you still and awe stricken- taken back by it all.  To travel long term independently in foreign countries is to take time and make it elastic. to live multiple lives and take on these alternate personas.

To exaggerate the seasons of your life Time is the most precious resource any man has, and travel allows him to cheat it in a way, to penetrate it and move in and through it.

Diffusing it in a gentle storm of a process called “learning love” what I have come to believe is the purpose of all travel.