Paradise Road Show 2017, Pistons and Palm Trees

Paradise Road Show was an unexpected treat for me this year.

I had happened to be cruising around LA, taking photos of Leather Doll, when I glanced at my phone and saw the wood stamped vintage shirt Chase of HWY  had made… and wanted it.

After we went by his shop in Echo Park, and saw the note on the door… off we went to Palm Springs for what turned out to be the funnest trip of 2017 thus far.

Seeing that it was last minute, and we had missed a day, I didn’t really get a chance to chat all the owners and riders up, but I was able to snap a few shots of my favorites, and see a few folks I hadn’t got a chance to catch up with in a while.

If I have have messed up the names of the bikes, please feel free to comment below, and I will fix that. Also if you happen to see your bike and would like the photo from Aseblack, please let us know, and I’ll get it over to you.

Lean & Green



Mixed Heads

I really appreciated the grit of this scooter. And from what I collected, except for the vendors, the majority of the bikes were ridden there. I love that.


Cycle Zombies – Chrome Pan

I had a chat with Scotty of Cycle Zombies. It was good to hear the words, “if it’s not fun it’s not usually worth doing”, and “we should remember, we got stoked with this cause it made us feel fun and free”.

After he gave me a few tips with an “at Home Build” I will be embarking on soon, we moved our way over to the car show.

I don’t want to try to cram this whole day into one post, so please stay posted this week for the remaining bikes and car show, as well as the “Winter Stash Series #3”.

Gas and parts…save up, and stay stoked.





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