Show Class Magazine “Peoples Champ 2018” Builders Part 1

Show Class Magazine “Peoples Champ 2018” Builders Part 1


First off I want to thank Show Class Magazine , Justin and Meredith who have been making this happen for a few years now over at Cook Corner.

The scene as usual was everything you would hope for out a Show Class Chopper party. Its tucked away on the back side of the grid at Cooks Corner biker watering hole, in your classic California canyon. The builders invite and a chance for a whole shot into the Born Free builders show that weekend always makes for incredible builds and a raging party. The parking lot boasts a highly stocked chopper show itself. I will follow up with Part 2 of this post in a few days just of parking lot photos.

I have tried my best to list and link the names of the builders and bikes below. I’m kinda of a lurker and just try to the play the part of the floating head and soak up the sites. I do my part to archive our family and their creations and stories, so excuse me if I’m not always spot on with the “who’s and where’s”


Thomas Minor – @chronas



Lee Wiedrich – @leewie


Josh Sheehan – @dirtybiker  !!!WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!




Curt Bennett – @4th_floor_choppers



Shamus Mathers – @shamusss 


Jeff Bloedorn – @sweatshopind 

Stay tuned for Part 2 and the scene out at the shakedown street parking lot.

Remember to support your friends and heroes, so hit the links, buy some parts, start a build or at the least give them a like.

I wanted to mention, a few years back Louie Hartley and the Deathgrip family show’d a bike at the Show Class Peoples Champs. Great family and in-creditable builders. We lost Norm to a battle with cancer, and he will be missed. Thank you Norm for your inspiration and life. RIP



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