Small Collection of Random Photos

Well I have been super busy, with the new sporty I picked up not to long ago. Haven’t really had the chance get out there and get photos, and when I have had a chance to get out and about, I kinda just have wanted to scope things out and take it easy.

So what I have for you is a group of pictures that always get me stoked, and keep the juices following. Some of these are my photos, others are ones I have found along the way. If you see that one of these photos is yours, please let me know and I will edit this post and make sure you get the credit and a link.

21 Days Parking Lot Party, DTLA, Ace Hotel 2016 – by ASE BLACK – bike UNKNOWN

21 Days Out Front, DTLA, Ace Hotel 2016 -by ASE BLACK -bikes UNKNOWN

This Movie 21Days Under the Sky and the premier they had at the Ace Hotel, was in-creditable. If you get in that place in your life, when it seems hunting down the dream is to far away, or you feel like you may be at the point of “settling” for anything less than what you have been searching for or chasing down, this  is good time to give this film a view. It has recharged me many times, and is a constant reminder that holey jeans are a much better and an earned fit, than pleated slacks.

Something to Ride Home to and Ride  – by UNKNOWN

Austin TX Nights    -by UNKNOWN





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